No other city in the world can you see a comprehensive mix of different architectural styles.  Ancient Rome architecture, medieval, neo-classical, and contemporary building designs are regular features of Rome cityscape.

That is why if you visit Rome, you will get a complete course on western architecture simply by visiting different places in the city.  It is also best if you join several guided tours of the city to understand Rome Architecture.

Innovations of Rome Architecture

The ancients Romans borrowed considerably from Greek architecture.  You can easily notice the Greek influences on ancient temples and buildings in Rome.

If you notice the imposing arches and the unique designs of Roman columns, then you are viewing the innovations made by the ancient Romans.

These arches, which you can still see at the Colosseum, aqueducts, and fortifications, are the unique characteristics of Rome architecture.

Impressive Architecture of Rome

You can see some of the world’s most outstanding and enduring buildings in Rome.  These building will never fail to impress you.  That’s because Rome architecture always combine extraordinary feat of engineering as well as elegance.  There is no building in Rome that will not take your breath away.

1.  The Pantheon

This is the most complete ancient architecture of Rome.  This is a massive temple dedicated to the Olympian gods.

When you enter the Pantheon, you can instantly see the perfect symmetry of its spherical interior.  There is also no light source from the inside aside from the opening at the center of its massive dome.

2.  The Roman Forum

You will only see parts of the Roman Forum today.  However, you can easily notice the excellent designs of its massive columns which are similar to the Pantheon.

This is one of the most important sites you have to visit in Rome to understand the magnificence of Roman architecture.

3.  The Aqueducts

You can still see some sections of the Roman aqueducts today.  If you will look closely, the arches dominate the structure of the Roman aqueducts.  You can see this design style in modern bridges and in some modern public buildings.

4.  Roman Amphitheaters

The most massive amphitheater you can see in Rome is the Colosseum.  This is a great testament on the architectural feat of the Romans.

Classical and Contemporary Rome Architecture

If you visit the many piazzas in Rome, you will see several classical and contemporary architectural designs.

Each piazza or public square in Rome always has a dominating building surrounded by other majestic structures.  If you stand at the middle of a Roman piazza, you will be literally surrounded by beautiful buildings.

The architectural layout of the public squares of Rome will always have massive public fountain.  If you visit the Trevi Fountain, you can witness the perfect mix of baroque architecture and neo-classical designs.

When you visit Rome, you will not only enjoy the sights and the lively atmosphere in the city.  You can also learn a lot about ancient Rome architecture as well as contemporary architectural designs.

The monuments, temples, and public structures inside the city are living treasures which highlight the greatness of Rome architecture.