Squares & Parks

If you have been wanting to look for new places to see in Rome, you should definitely consider the squares and parks here. Much of Rome’s beauty has been relegated to the more renowned sights and sounds, true. But of course, there is also something to behold in the quieter side of this city.

Rome parks are an ideal quick getaway that is romantic and private at the same time. Much of the roman countryside is quite refreshing, and pieces of that may be experienced in a Roman park. This is especially true after spending hours in a crowded museum.

A Word of Caution

But before you blitz off in your romantic Rome bubble, do take a bit of advice to stay safe. For one thing, some Roman parks also have their fair share of snatchers whom you should definitely watch out for. Keep your purse safe and you will have a more enjoyable time.

Try to enjoy the quiet peace of lovely Rome parks, but do remember to keep your area nice and tidy. The locals of Rome love their parks, and as a tourist you hold the responsibility to keep it clean. Remember, littering is frowned upon by a lot of Romans.

Which Park or Square to Choose?

The answer to that question, of course, is to try to visit as many as you can! Each park or square in Rome is uniquely different in itself. You will want to see as many sides of Roman society as you can when you visit several types of squares and parks.

There are Rome parks that mostly younger ones visit, where they chill and relax in the sun and skateboard their way around the place. These places are really better for the younger tourist who is looking for the same generation to spend time with. If you are of the family type, there are other kinds of Rome parks to watch out for.

Your family can visit the Rome parks or the squares that are child-friendly. In this sense, choose a park where your little one can explore the surroundings or have a grand old time on the swings. Here it is quite safe for kids under the watchful and concerned eyes of other parents.

And of course, if love is in the air for you and your partner you should visit a park made especially for that. The most famous parks for lovey-dovey are the ones that are dotted with statues of Roman gods and goddesses. As they usually say, romance is heightened when statues of the goddess of love is right there in your midst.

The square, on the other hand, is definitely more alive than these parks. You could surely find many things to do as you visit quaint stores and dine in cozy restaurants.

Visiting Rome is indeed all about the company you keep and the place where you get to enjoy that company. After the hustle and bustle of big city shopping, time-out is best spent in a quiet Rome park or square for you and your companions. You will certainly get to appreciate Rome better if you do.