Performing Arts

Cinema, theatre, opera, classical music – aside from the age-old architecture and the living, breathing museum that is Rome – the Eternal City is also a premier spot for the  Rome performing arts.

How Alive is the Performing Arts Scene in Rome?

A lot of people consider Italy to be a melting pot of all types of ancient and modern art. You’d think that a nation who is in love with the game of football would have no time anymore to appreciate the finer aspects of the art world – but this is not the case at all.

More than any other culture in the world, Romans are the type of people who still enjoy traditional cultural events, art events, the performing art in general.  The good thing about this passion of Romans when it comes to art is that they get to touch base with Italy’s artistic heritage.

Your visit to Rome will never be complete without witnessing for yourself how a real, live Italian opera goes.  Fortunately for the tourists who visit Rome, there’s no excuse for them to not have a taste of Rome’s performing arts because there are events that they can attend no matter what time of the year it is.

Rome Performing Arts: Numerous Presentations to Enjoy throughout the Year!

Here’s a sampling of the musical and visual delights that the Rome performing arts industry has to offer:

– Get a dose of classical music by visiting Rome’s many churches.  There’s a host of choral, organ and chamber recitals that you can witness – most of them you do not even have to pay for.

– Another venue for the true blue classical music is at the Auditorium of Rome, specifically the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

– If you’re pumping to hear some jazz and blues while enjoying a night under the Roman skies, visit the Villa Celimontana which plays hosts to budding musicians.

– Local concerts also abound at the Via dei Greci 18 and at the Piazza del Campidoglio.

– The Janiculum Hall is where the Teatro di Pulcinella Puppets are showcased.

– If you want to have a taste of the opera, visit the Teatro dell’ Opera. During the winter, the shows are held at the Via Firenze and during the summer, they’re held at the Villa Borghese Park.

– You can get to enjoy the local theatre at Miracle Players.

– During the month of July, there are a lot of musical festivals that you can participate in.  There’s independent music, opera, jazz and almost every other type of music that you can ask for.

– Finally, if you are looking forward to watching English movies, look for the “VO” or version originale before the title of the film. The Metropolitan and Warner Village Moderno are the cinema venues in Rome.

As you can see, the Rome performing arts is pleasantly alive.  Again, your visit to the Eternal City will never be complete unless you’ve had a taste of what the local performing arts scene has to offer – so make sure to catch a performance during one of your visits to Rome!