Operas in Rome

Aside from the piazzas, pizzas, pasta and gelato – what else is Italy most known for?  It’s none other than the opera! You may not have seen a ‘live’ one yet but you surely would have an idea about operas.

This ancient art form started way back in Italy during the late 1500’s, and it’s a showcasing of singers and musicians who perform an opera, which combines the libretto or text with the musical score.

From Italy, opera has spread to the rest of Europe – and today, it’s what Italians are most known for.

All about Rome Opera

Part of the Italian’s la dolce vita or the good life is catching an operatic performance.  If you are planning to visit the Eternal City of Rome, your visit will never be complete without catching an operatic performance at one of its splendid opera houses.

In general, the opera season in Italy runs from the month of October through April.  If you happen to be in Rome during the summer, there are also outdoor performances that you can watch.  Now, in the theaters in Rome which does not showcase opera, there are theater and dance performances that you can witness instead.

The Teatro dell’Opera in Rome

Perhaps one of the most splendid Rome opera houses is the Teatro dell’Opera, which is also known as the Teatro Costanzi.  If you would like to watch an extravagant opera production, this is definitely the venue for you.

The good thing about the operations of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome is that they have their own orchestra. During the times that there are no operatic performances, you can catch intricate ballet shows instead.

How to Get to the Teatro dell’Opera

The Teatro dell’Opera in Rome is located at Piazza Gigli.  It’s basically a five-minute-walk from the Repubblica Metro Station which is near the Stazione Termini.

From there, you should take the first left off of Via Torino – with the Teatro dell ‘Opera theatre to your right.

How to Get Rome Opera Tickets

Whether you opt for a performance at the Teatro dell’Opera or at some other opera house in Rome, make sure to always book your tickets in advance. This is because both the tourists and the locals are hoping to attend performance nights – so they book for the tickets early.

Now, if you are a traveler on a budget who cannot afford the tickets for a premiere opera performance at the Teatro dell’Opera, you can get great deals during summer performances – because very few Italians go. However, there are performances to be caught no matter what time of the year it is that you go to visit Rome.

Other theatres in Rome which also showcase operatic performances include:

– Accademia di Santa Cecilia
– Musici Veneziana Roma
– Teatro alle Terme di Caracalla

After a night at the opera, you can make a late night out of it by hitting the clubs or enjoying a leisurely evening eating at one of the charming cafes which are open until the wee hours of dawn to cater to hungry tourists.