Theaters in Rome

If you want to experience the age-old elegance of watching Italian opera, there’s no lovelier city to visit than Rome. This Italian capital may be a living, breathing museum where sights and sounds are aplenty – but there’s also a healthy dose of culture to be had in Rome.

How about watching a theatrical play at a colorful open-air theatre?  Or being dressed to the nines as you watch Italian opera at the Teatro dell ‘Opera?  Or maybe you are bringing your kids along with you on your travel to Rome?  If you are, one of the best ways to expose them to Italian culture is by making sure that they catch the performances of the Teatro di Pulcinella Puppets at the Janiculum Hill during a lovely late afternoon or an Italian weekend morning.

All in all, the Italian performing arts scene in Rome is a pleasant mix of something old and something new – with the lovely cobbled streets and magnificent views serving as background.

Rome Theaters: Take Your Pick from the Many Presentations during the Theatrical Season

You’re lucky if you get to visit Rome during the months of October to May. This is the time of the year when tourists flock to visit one of the many Rome theaters where local and international productions are showcased.

The good thing about visiting Rome is that no matter where your taste in theatre or the performing arts lies – you can rest assured that there will be a venue and a show that will pique your interest.

A Mixture of Old & New Music: Rome Theaters to Visit

Take a look at the types of theatrical experiences that you will get to enjoy when visiting Rome, depending on which theatre it is that you are planning to visit.

– Have a good laugh at the Teatro Vittoria, where comedy presentations are usually held.
– If you are looking forward to experiencing an authentic Italian musical, visit the Sistina.
– Dramas and contemporary works are features at the Politecnino.
– The Teatro Eliso e Piccolo Eliseo is considered to be one of the most important theatres in Rome.
– Argot studio is where you can catch the performances of avant grade talent if you’re in the mood for some Italian drama.
-The Centro Studi Ettore Petrolini is where you can get the see performances based on ancient Roman texts.
– The Parco della Musica at the Viale di Pietro Coubertin in Rome is an excellent music hall where jazz, ballet and operas are showcased.
– The ETI Valle is a regal Italian theatre which also happens to be among the oldest in town.

Other theatres in Rome include:
– Abraxa Teatro
– Teatro della Cometa
– Teatro Flaiano

Whether your musical tastes lie in the classical or contemporary, there should be a performance somewhere in Rome which is worthy of your attention.  Your visit to the Eternal City will never be complete without experiencing what the local theatre scene has to offer – it’s definitely a treat to look forward to!