Rome dining places are known for its excellent cuisines.  When you are in Rome, you should not worry about food.  Your gastronomic juices will surely flow because the place is literally overwhelmed by every type of restaurants.

Here is a simple guide which you can use if you want to discover what Rome has to offer for your stomach:

Learn the Basics

When dining in Rome, you need not worry about language barriers.  All waiters and food attendants in this city can converse in English.  Typically, you may see a German or Swiss customer conversing in English with an Italian waiter.

English is generally used in Rome as a second language. However, it is better if you can learn some basic restaurant phrases for ordering food and asking for your bill.

When you dine out in Rome, a table will typically have a small basket of bread.  This will be included in your final bill which usually costs 2 Euros.  Tipping is also customary in Rome.  You should not forget to provide a tip for the waiter.

Rome Dining Choices:  Selecting the Ambiance

The entire city of Rome is replete with diners and restaurants.  You can choose different places where you can enjoy different dining ambiance.

Beers and Pizzas

If you want to enjoy a night of youthful merry making, you can dine out at the area of Campo de Fiori.  You can find inexpensive diners and pubs here serving cold beers and hot pizzas.

This is a pretty crowded area but you can surely enjoy the company of young Romans, students, and young tourist.  As the night deepens, you can hang out on the street and join the multitude of young people watch other people pass by.

Dine with Performers

If you want to eat and watch street performances, then the Piazza Navona area should be your top destination.  Here you can find inexpensive bars and pubs with outdoor tables.  You can order pasta, beer, or wine and watch different performance art happening on the street.

Ethnic Cuisines

If you want to taste other food varieties, then you can go to Esquilino area south of the Termini.  You can find different kinds of bakeries and diners here serving international ethnic foods.  The prices are also reasonable.

You can taste Asian, African and Indian cuisines in this area while enjoying the company of local Romans and immigrants.

Budget Foods

If you are short in cash already, then the area around the Termini station has lots of inexpensive diners and pubs.  Even regular restaurants here can provide you with excellent food at very affordable prices.

Traditional Roman Foods

You have to try going to Trastevere to taste the mouth watering dishes prepared by family-run restaurants.  In this area outside of Rome central, you can partake in sumptuous dinner consisting of traditional Roman foods.

There are also small bars and inns in this area where you can enjoy cool music and perfect wine.

Rome dining should not concern you at all because there are literally hundreds of Roman pubs and restaurants within and outside the city center.  You can surely enjoy inexpensive but delicious food in several Rome dining places.