Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine can trace its roots from the great Roman Empire.  When you are in Rome, you should do away with the impression that only pizza and pasta will be available for you.  In fact, the Italians are famous for its world class cuisines that will surely satisfy your hunger for exotic dishes.

When you visit Rome, you will easily notice that Italian cuisines are highly regionalized.  Each region in Italy has its own specialty.  These dishes converge in Rome so even if you just stay in the city, you can surely enjoy the rich variety of Italian cooking.

Here is a sampling of different Italian cuisines that you may find interesting:

Bacons and Hams

You can enjoy the rich and juicy bacons and hams produced in Northern Italy.  Since the ancient period, the Italian provinces near France and Yugoslavia are very popular for their naturally cured bacon and hams.

You can also taste the traditionally prepared bacon and hams of Italy while you are in Rome.  Several posh hotels and fine dining in Rome will be able to provide you with succulent hams cured in exotic Italian spices.

Fish and Sea Food Dishes

You can taste different preparations of fish popularized by the coastal provinces of Italy.  Veneto for example is an excellent mixture of different beans, spices, and fish.  Other sea foods are also added to make it richer and tastier.

You can surely enjoy the spicy Seafood Veneto while you are in Rome.  Simply go to a sea food restaurant and order a serving of Veneto.  This dish is also good for your heart because of white fish meat and fresh beans and legumes.

Cheese and Bread

While in Rome, why not order bread thickened soup.  This kind of dish is popular in the Italian Alps and the provinces near it.  You can enjoy this soup with cheese fondue and real rye bread.  This is a power breakfast which can sustain you through lunch.

You can also try the regional chesses and butter of Lombardy area.  It is best if you can order a turkey or chicken stuffed with Lombardy cheese.  This is a mouth watering cuisine you should not miss while in Rome.

Exotic and Food for the Brave

Of course you can also have exotic Italian foods prepared with traditional spices herbs and sauces.  Rome is famous for its specialty dishes so you might want to try these foods for the brave.

You can order an ox tail prepared in thick tomato sauce with spicy herbs.  Or if you are more daring, you can have the Trippa or intestines.  You can have it sautéed and mixed with fresh chili, pepper, and tomato sauce.  Just the scent of these exotic Roman foods could make you hungry.

When you finished tasting the traditional Italian foods served in Rome restaurants, you might want to have a snack of good old pizza and top it with cold beer or ale.

You have wide variety of choices for pizza and some are ideal for vegetarians.  You will never go hungry when you are in Rome.  You will never forget the Italian cuisine served in its famous restaurants.