Do you want to experience how Romans celebrate their festivals?  Attending a Rome festival will surely be an unforgettable experience for you.  So, if you are planning to visit Rome, make sure that you schedule it to coincide with one of the many Rome festivals celebrated annually.

During a Rome festival, you will be bale to feel its deep religious heritage.  On the other hand, there are also secular festivals where you can have fun all day long.

The Romans organize their festivals all year round.  Whether you visit during summer, winter, or spring, there is surely a festival waiting for you.

Here are some of the most famous Rome festivals you should not miss.  Participating in these events will definitely complete your Roman vacation.

The Summer Festivals of Rome

1.  Estate Romana – You can enjoy an entire summer of fun and merry making during the Estate Romana Festival.  You will be able to participate in outdoor street dancing and watch street performances of different dance troupes from around the world.

You can also catch world class theater presentations and outdoor theatrical acts during the Estate Romana festival.  If you go to Rome during the months of June to September, you will surely enjoy this cultural and artistic festival.

During the Estate Romana, you can also visit new expositions and traveling museum exhibitions.  Artists from around the world converge at Rome during the Estate Romana.

2.  The Noantri Festival – You can easily feel the mixture of religious and secular merry making during this Rome festival.  The Noantri has deep religious roots and you can participate in the procession in honor of Vergine del Carmine.

You can also partake of daily food and drink expositions that usually punctuate street merry making.  You can participate in this festival towards the end of July.

Rome Autumn Festivals

1.  Roma Europa – You can enjoy this Rome festival for an entire month.  The festival usually starts in September.  So, after you enjoy the summer festival, another seasonal festival is waiting for you.

Roma Europa festival is primarily a cultural celebration.  You can enjoy excellent theater presentations and concerto during the entire month of September.  You will be able to see the greatest European performers on stage.  You can also watch a performance of a world theater organization during Roma Europa Festival.

2.  Roman Antique Festival – If you are an antique lover, then you will surely enjoy a bonanza of antique items during this Festival.   Almost all antique shops and dealers in Rome will participate in this festival.  You can surely find a good bargain for antique items for the entire duration of the festival.

Winter and Spring Festival

You can participate in New Year merry making during the Capodanno Festival.  You can also take part in the procession along the catacombs of Rome before the clock signals the New Year fireworks display.

During spring, you will be able to enter all Rome museums for free when the Cultural Festival starts.  This is a secular festival where you can marvel at the work of arts inside Rome museums.

You will certainly enjoy your stay in Rome if you can participate in its festivals.  A Rome festival is known for its grand merry making and deep religious tones.