When staying in a lovely city like Rome, do you usually bother sticking to your usual fitness routine, just like what you are doing while at home? If the answer is yes,  do not worry because you are not alone. Most travelers find a suitable excuse to get out of their typical workout routine while they are on the road.

But what if you are out on the road for the most part of the year?  In this case, it is not advisable to ditch your regular workout routine.  Staying fit in spite of your busy schedule on the road is the key if you want to remain lean, healthy and happy.

Rome Fitness: Ways to Stay Fit while Traveling to the Eternal City

After basking in the sights, eating tons of pizza, pasta and gelato and sampling a bit of the local culture in Rome, you should not forget to still go about your fitness routine.

The good thing about sticking to your fitness routine when in Rome is that when you use walking as a means to workout, the living and breathing museum which is the Eternal City can serve as a very big fitness center, with the bonus of having an amazing view!

Aside from walking, what are the other things that you can do to stay fit while traveling to the Eternal City? The first thing that you need to remember is that you do not need to stick to your regular workout routine while traveling.

If back home, you are doing big exercises to workout a particular muscle group – you can go lighter on the exercises while traveling.   If you do not feel like roaming around the city for your regular workout routine, you can just stay at your hotel room and do some exercises. Use the DVD player provided by the hotel and put on a workout disk, or just put on some music and dance it away!

What’s important is that you are squeezing in some workout time and you are not totally sedentary while traveling to a lovely city like Rome.

Rome Fitness: Hotels with Fitness Centers in Rome

Now, if having a pretty good fitness center facility is important for you, remember that there are a lot of hotels in Rome which offer the use of fitness centers.

To make booking easy for you, here is a list of some of the hotels which offer guests the use of their fitness centers and gyms:

  • Ars Hotel
  •  Black Hotel
  •  Boscolo Hotel Exedra
  •  Four Points Sheraton Roma
  •  Grand Hotel de la Minerve
  •  Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi
  •  Grand Hotel Tiberio
  •  Hotel Aldrovandi Palace
  •  Hotel Eden
  •  Hotel de Russie
  •  Hotel Raphael
  •  Hotel Raganelli
  •  Hassler Villa Medici
  • Leon’s Place Hotel
  •  Marriott Grand Hotel Flora
  •  Mancini Park Hotel
  •  Maison Giulia
  •  Rome Cavalieri
  •  St. Regis Grand Hotel
  •  Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress & Spa

With these Rome fitness centers located right inside the hotels and the many other workout alternatives that you can perform while visiting the Eternal City – there’s no excuse for you to not stick with your exercise routine anymore!