Tour with Kids

Would you like to give your children the learning experience of a lifetime?  If you do, going on a tour of Rome with your kids is one of the best options that you have.

Sure, the Eternal City may not be considered to be a very kid-friendly alternative, but if you do your research – you are bound to come up with fun activities that the entire family will enjoy.

There may not be a lot of high-tech attractions that will grab the attention of children – but lots of pizza, pasta dishes and gelato should be enough to get them to come along!

Explore Rome with Kids:  The Top Kid-friendly Tourist Spots in Rome

So what are the top tourist spots in Rome that you can explore with a bunch of kids in tow? Prepare for the ultimate challenge of discovering Rome as you explore the following places which are kid-friendly:

– The Trevi Fountain
Legend has it that dropping a coin at the Trevi Fountain will ensure that you will come back to Rome.  You can visit this top tourist spot, which is also kid-friendly, before or after dinner.

If you will go to the Trevi Fountain after dinner, make sure to give them a treat of the excellent gelato which is sold across from the fountain.  What kid could resist the lure of throwing coins in the fountain, with a sweet treat to boot?

– Ancient Rome
Go into an all-day excursion of ancient Rome, where your kids can learn a bit of history by touring the Roman and Imperial Forums.  Other good places to stop by include the Colesseum, the Roman Forum and the ruins of ancient Rome.

– Vatican City
Watch your kids’ eyes grow wide with delight – especially the slightly older ones – at the sight of Michaelangelo’s famous ceiling frescoes when you visit the Vatican.  It doesn’t matter what your religious background is, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums are great sights to explore on their own.

– Catacombs
Both young and old kids will have a blast exploring the ‘cool’ underground catacombs which are similar to burial mazes.  Also, the good thing about exploring the catacombs is that they’re close to the central park in Rome – giving them a nice break from all the historical sightseeing.

– The Piazzas
No visit to Rome will ever be complete without stopping by one of the many piazzas scattered across the length and breadth of the city.  At the Piazza Navona, for example, there are sketch artists, fountains, sculptures and sidewalk cafes for those who need a break.

– Explora
This is a children’s museum in Rome which are suitable for kids 12 and below.

– Bocca della Verità
This is the legendary “Mouth of Truth”. Legend has it that when you stick your hands in the mouth of the stone face and you’re a liar, your hand will be gobbled up.  Kids will have a good time checking whether the legend is true or not.

When exploring Rome with kids, make sure to know in advance which sights are suitable for families with kids.

Despite its reputation for being a romantic honeymoon spot, there’s still a lot going for families who want to explore Rome in all its kid-friendly glory.