Music in Rome

Rome music scene is extremely vibrant and intensely active. You will be able to catch one or two musical extravaganza while you are in Rome. That’s because the city hosts numerous concertos and music festivals throughout the year.

You will be able to enjoy almost all music genres in Rome. If you love the classics, there is always a concerto going on in the city. Pop and rock music are also alive in Rome. In fact, some of the biggest international concerts, world tours and music gatherings always find a venue in Rome.

Here are some of the most dazzling events and festivals where you can fully enjoy the Rome music scene.

1. May Day Musical

Local Roman citizens always anticipate this extraordinary May Day musical extravaganza. You can watch the annual May Day Musical every first of May.

You will be able to see local Italian artists and international musicians perform live under the warm Roman night. Go to the Piazza San Giovanni where the musicians will perform.

2. Dolce Vita Jazz Festival

Are you a Jazz fanatic? Then you will surely have your fill of all-night Jazz music during the Dolce Vita Jazz Festival. This is also a May event but festival organizers sometimes schedule the show in early June.

You will be able to watch and enjoy the music of more than 60 Jazz artists and bands on the festival day. You can watch the concert at Rome’s Auditorium Music Park.

3. Festival of Latin American Music

If you visit Rome in summer, you will surely enjoy this music festival. The Latin American Music Festival runs from June to August. Famous Latin American artists and Italian Latin bands perform nightly near Rome’s Hippodrome. You can also enjoy the abundant drinks and food available during the concerts.

4. Rome Hip-Hop Parade

This is the newest addition to Rome music scene. If you love hip-hop and funky music, then this festival is the best for you.

You can enjoy the Hip-Hop Parade for an entire week in June. Street dancing, hip-hop music and merry making are regular features of this Festival. You can also watch the Hip-Hop dance competition at the Rome Olympic Theater.

5. When Rome Meets the World

This is one of the most important musical events in the city of Rome. This is a prestigious international gathering of musicians performing at the Villa Ada, one of Rome’s most beautiful parks.

You can watch this international concert during summer. Several presentations will be available for the public from the months of June until August. This is a must see event in Rome. You should not miss this musical event when you visit Rome during summer.

6. Opera Festival of Rome

If you love to hear the powerful voices of Italian tenors and sopranos, then you should not miss this Festival. You can watch concertos of different classical orchestras as well as vocalists at the Colosseum.

Rome music scene is alive and very active throughout the year. You will be able to watch stunning performances of world musicians in several beautiful concert houses, parks, and piazzas of Rome.