Concerts in Rome

No matter which part of the world it is that you are traveling to, you can take away with you the things that you are most passionate about to make the trip more memorable. For example, if you are out on a week-long vacation in Rome and you are a big music fan, you can add a Rome concert to your travel itinerary.

And anyway, your visit to the unforgettable Eternal City will never be complete if you will not have a taste of what the local culture has to offer.

Naturally, when you visit Rome, you will get to eat real Italian pizza, pasta and gelato; sit down for a cup of coffee at a piazza in the middle of the day, or hit the night clubs during one of those leisurely evenings in Rome.  All of these are in pursuit of la dolce vita or the good life – in which Rome is the perfect setting for.

Rome Concert: Premier Venues at the Eternal City

Now, if you are a music aficionado and you are looking forward to catching a musical performance or a concert event in Rome, which venues should you first check out?  Take a look at the following list to give you an idea:

– The Palalottomatica Rome
Bob Dylan, Laura Pausini, Oasis, Zucchero and Metallica are all scheduled to perform at the Palalottomatica Rome during the first quarter of 2009.  As you can see, this major venue offers an eclectic mix of pop, rock to classical music.

Your Palalottomatica Rome concert experience is made even more special because of the history behind this indoor arena.  The venue was originally built in 1956, but it was renovated in 1990 for the World Cup.  Currently, this is where international basketball tournaments, other sporting events and major concerts are held.

– Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Aside from opera, ballets and classical music performances are held at the magnificent Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.

– Accademia della Conciliazione
Another popular Rome concert venue is the Accademia della Conciliazione.

– The Olympic Stadium in Rome
Football is one of Italy’s national pastimes, and the games are usually held at the Olympic Stadium.  But when the venue is not serving as a host to thousands of screaming fans, it doubles up as a setting for some of the biggest acts to visit the country.

– Teatro Tendastrisce
Located at Via G. Perlasca in Rome, this modest concert venue is popular among tourists and locals alike.

A Final Word about Rome Concerts

The Roma Jazz Festival and the Roma Europa Festival are just some of the celebrations of music in Rome that you can catch year-round.

Remember to book your tickets early if you want to catch a concert in Rome, especially if it is being held at major venues like the Palalottomatica Rome or the Olympic Stadium.

After enjoying a night of music at a Rome concert, you can truly say that you have fully experienced the sights, tastes and sound that the Eternal City has to offer.