Travelers who get weary after a long day of touring a vibrant city like Rome has one thing to look forward to at the end of the day: Rome nightlife.

The “Eternal City” has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife.  There are a lot of local hangouts, bars and pubs that you can visit if you would like to unwind at the end of the day.

Why Not Spend a Relaxing Evening after a Day of Touring Rome?

First time visitors to Rome may find themselves drained of energy after an entire day of sightseeing.  But instead of locking yourself up in your hotel room to rest, why not spend a relaxing evening visiting one of the many local spots in Rome?

You should have plenty of time to rest because the nightlife in Rome starts at about half past nine – sometimes even ten in the evening.  After having your dinner in a cozy Italian restaurant, you can start thinking about where you want to go next.  Your choice extends to the different bars, clubs, pubs and discos spread across the city.

What are the Best Rome Nightlife Spots to Visit?

First up, let us take a look at some of the hotspots for a buzzing night spent in Rome:

1. Nightlife at the Piazza Navona and Via della Pace
The area surrounding these two famous Italian spots come alive at night.  Here is where you can get to enjoy some fine wine and be amazed at the labyrinth of alleys at Italy’s famous cobblestone streets.

2. San Lorenzo
This is the place in Rome where the young generation hang out since it is located at Italy’s main university. There are a lot of pubs in the San Lorenzo area.

3.  Campo De Fiori
If you’re looking for somewhere that’s loud, fun and where you can get to meet a bunch of other tourists, the Campo De Fiori is the place for you.

4. Freni E. Frizioni
This is where you will get to meet a lot of young Romans, the bar is always browded and the food is sumptuous.

5.  Societe Lucete
Want to sip a mojito while gorging on a small plate-sized pizza?  The Societe Lucete serves this – and more.  If you’re still feeling restless late into the nigh, you can proceed to the Piazza Montvecchio.

6. Piazza delle Coppelle
If you’re looking forward to partying till the break of dawn, the Piazza delle Coppelle is the place to see and be seen.

7. Other Rome Nightlife Hot Spots

The Supper Club, Crudo, Enoteca Ferrazza, Gilda, Goa and Trastevere are some of the other hot spots in Rome which are worth a visit.

To cap the night off, you can stop for a cornetto and drink a cup of hot cappuccino on the way to your hotel.  There are a lot of coffee bars which are open until dawn that serve coffee and mouthwatering, sweet treats.

As you can see, you will not be lacking for things to do when visiting this capital of Italy, so enjoy Rome nightlife to the fullest – no matter how long or short your stay is!