Rome for Free

You can fully enjoy Rome for free.  The eternal city offers numerous attractions that you can see without spending a cent.  In fact, you can simply wander along the historical streets of Rome and you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of the City.

At a glance, here are the sites in Rome you can see for free:

1.  Trevi Fountain
2.  Spanish Steps
3.  Mouth of Truth
4.  Capitoline Hill
5.  Colosseum
6.  Piazza Navona
7.  Pantheon
8.  Castel Sant’Angelo
9.  St. Peter’s Basilica

If you want to enjoy free viewing of intricately designed mosaics, sculptures, old paintings and religious relics, just visit any church in Rome.  All church in this magnificent city is free for the public.

Rome for Free during Cultural Week

If you are on a budget while traveling to Rome, it is best if you can schedule your trip during the Cultural Week.  This celebration usually happens on the first week of April.

Almost all museums, monuments, and buildings in the entire city will be available for you for free during the Cultural Week.  You can also catch free theater shows, fashion shows, and performance art on the streets of Rome.

Top Free Attractions and Activities in Rome

1.  Vatican Museum

If you want to gain free access to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, you must visit these sites during the last Sundays of every month.

You can also get free access under the Vatican and see the excavations there once the Vatican takes a vacation.  You need to place a reservation though to be included in the free trip.

2. Appia Antica

You may also get a free guided tour of the Appia Antica.  This is the old road outside of Rome and during Sundays, cars and public vehicles are banned on this street.

You will be able to see antique artifacts and carvings along the way as well as ancient landmarks and ruins.  A Sunday walk at the Appia Antica is a good time to enjoy a lazy stroll.

3.  Largo Argentina

If you want to go to the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated, you have to visit the ruins at the Largo Argentina.  The place is populated by cats now but you will also see the old columns of ancient temples.

You can also see the ruins of the Pompey Theater here as well as the old bathhouses.  You have to take several bus rides to get to the place.

Citizens of European Union below 18 years old or over 65 years old have the privilege of accessing most Roman museums and monuments for free.  So, if you belong to this demographic, you will definitely enjoy the full magnificence of Rome for free.

You do not have to worry if you travel to Rome on a budget.  There are many attractions, events, festivities, and places in Rome that you can enjoy for free.  So it is perfectly okay to simply bring your backpack and explore the wonders of Rome for free.  Simply walking along its historical districts will make your travel really meaningful.