As an ancient civilization, the Romans definitely gone neck on neck with the Greeks when it comes to sports. But even after several thousands of years, it can be said that the Romans are as buff as ever. Rome sports are alive and as varied today as they were in the past.

The Many Faces of Roman Sports – Diversity in Physical Action

Top on the list of sports played by the Romans include Rugby. Since male Romans are descendants of a brave, noble and fearless people, Rugby is an ideal Rome sport to engage in because of the testosterone-laden nature of the sport. Rugby is great because for a lot of Romans it shows their masculinity.

Rugby is an exciting Rome sport to watch, especially since all the players are truly into the game. If you want to play rugby with a Roman, you would best practice long and hard. After all, they are fiercely competitive by nature.


Yet another thrilling sport played by the Romans is Tennis. These people can hold their own in the faces of individuals such as Andre Agassi or Steffi Graf. Tennis is a sport favored by both men and women in Rome.

Rome sports would never be complete without tennis. It comes as no surprise then why most schools have it in the curriculum and why provisions for tennis can be seen in most towns. It is a sport which fosters competitive friendships that are strengthened with every smack of the racket.

Football Frenzy

And with the Italian Football League up and about, Romans are all about football. Virtually every Roman, at some point in his life, would think about how it would be to play professional football. Romans are very passionate about this Rome sport because it is deeply ingrained in their culture for such a long time now.

Football season or not, a kick on the soccer ball or two will be seen in every street. Almost all Roman children have some form of football training because it is a very popular Rome sport. Indeed, it comes as no surprise why the Italian team is strong in international competitions.

Sports from The Past

And just like their rivals the Greeks, Rome sports are made richer by the marathon. Adept at running and are able to sustain winds for many distances, the marathon is the ideal sport for the Roman who wants to display his endurance.

The marathon is an important component of Rome sports because of the rich culture and history behind it. As such, it is quite an honor to the family if one member turns out to be a good marathoner. Even better, the marathoner who brings home a medal or two is heralded as a champion.

Sports truly are in the heart of every Roman. It goes to show how committed these people are to staying healthy and staying fit while having fun doing so.
Sports in Rome are quite varied that one might have a hard time choosing which one to play. The important thing is to try them all out and see for yourself which one could be the best. Indeed, the fun really is in trying out the different sports in case you feel you would not be able to choose one and call it your own.