Kicking, dribbling, passing, goalie, movement – these are just some of the terms which are used in one of the Eternal City‘s favorite national pastimes: Rome football.

Unlike American football where an odd-shaped ball is thrown and passed around, European football is the real deal of a sport.  Incidentally, football is called soccer in the United States.

Now, each football team consists of 11 players.  There is one goalkeeper who is allowed to use his hands, with a goal of standing at the net to keep the ball from coming in.

Meanwhile, the other 10 players have a job of running and passing the ball to each other as they try to kick it into the net of the opposing team.  The rule to follow if you’re among the ten players is that you should pass the ball around using your foot and other parts of your body – but not your hands and arms.

Rome Football Teams:  SS Lazio and SA Roma

Italians definitely love their football – and even more so one of the two teams which currently exist in Rome: the SS Lazio and SA Roma football teams.

The SS Lazio is older than the SA Lazio team, which was formed way back in 1902!

On the other hand, the younger SA Roma team was founded in 1927.  The team was actually formed from the combination of older football teams which existed in Italy way back then: Alba, Roman and Fortitudo.  The SA Roma is also dubbed with the nickname giallorossi.

When to Watch Football in Rome

Now, if you are looking forward to watching a football game when visiting Rome, which time of the year is it best to catch one? If you happen to be in Italy during the Rome Derby, you should definitely catch a showdown between two of the country’s most beloved teams.  The other regular football matches are held between the months of January to June.

Where to Watch Football in Rome

The only place to watch football in Rome is the Lo Stadio Olimpico or the Olympic Stadium.  Inaugurated in 1927, this is where the AS Roma football club was founded in the same year.  The capacity of this historical stadium is 825,000 seats and it is located at the Via Foro Italico.

The good thing about the Stadio Olimpico is that if you are staying in the Hotel Des Artistes, for example, if can be easily reached by public transport.  All you need to do is take the metro Line A from the Termini Station going to Battistini, get off at Ottavano – S. Pietro, then take a bus going to Tor di Quinto and get off at the Lungotevere Cadorna.

Getting Tickets to Rome Football

Just as it is when purchasing tickets for big venues such as the Stadio Olimpico, you can purchase tickets online if you want to watch a football game in Rome. There’s no doubt that catching a Rome football game – a sport which Italians love – is  a great way to soak in the culture of those who are living in the beautiful Eternal City.