No matter how long or short a stay it is that you are planning in Rome, Italy – seeing one of the many spectator sports which are considered to be national pastimes is a must.

When you are done basking in the numerous breathtaking sights of the Eternal City, the next thing that you need to do is do what the Romans do: take part in one of their many passions, including sports.

As you may already know, football is the number one spectator sport in Italy which the entire nation is glued to.  However, once the football season comes to a close, Italians make way for other sports such as basketball and rugby.

All about the Sport of Rugby in Rome

Roma rugby is yet another sport that Italians love to watch and play.  First up, here’s a bit of a history about this odd-sounding, but nonetheless exciting game.

The game of rugby started way back in 1823 and its name was derived from a town of the same name in England. There was a boy who picked up and ran with the ball during a football game.

This variation in the game of football was adopted to create a new and interesting game called rugby.

Over the years, the rules of the game has been refined which resulted to the modern rugby game of today. In Italy, the popularity of rugby may not be the same as the one enjoyed by football – but it is continually growing and this is one sport that you should definitely watch out for.

Roma Rugby Tournaments

If you are looking forward to catching an exciting game of rugby when visiting the Eternal City of Rome, the first thing that you need to know about are the rugby tournaments which are held on a yearly basis.

Rome plays the host city to the Six Nations Rugby Tournament, Europe’s premier rugby international tournament. The S. S. Lazio is the premier rugby team of Italy, which has performed consistently in the pas few years.

Here, Italy competes against other European countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Wales. This is a prelude to the Rugby World Cup which was held last 2007 in France.

Where to Watch Roma Rugby

So where exactly can you catch a game of rugby when visiting Rome?  The premier rugby venue where exciting games are held is the Stadio Flaminio or the Flaminio Stadium where the Italy 6 Nations Rugby Matches are also held.

The Flaminio Stadium is easily accessible through public transport.  If you are coming from the Hotel Des Artistes, you just need to take the tram and get off at the Flaminio station.

Getting Tickets to Roma Rugby Games

Remember that tickets to such games are easily booked – so you need to reserve tickets for you and your friends way in advance. Check out the numerous sites online which offer rugby tickets.

All in all, Roma rugby is a sport which has taken off in the past years.  And with Italy’s improved performance, there is no doubt that catching this exciting game in the Eternal City can be one of the highlights of your trip.