Saving enough sums to take a trip to Rome? If you do; then, you should learn something about Rome geography. Informing yourself with the landmarks of Rome will certainly give you an edge to give yourself an unforgettable experience while you are on trip. Through this, you would know the most beautiful sites to go to in the place and the most ideal season to take a trip to Rome.

To find the essence of this claim, try to answer this question first: what do you actually know about the Hadrian’s Wall? If you don’t know the answer; then, you have all the reason to know more about the so-called Eternal City. And after you do, you are guaranteed to know the fundamental things you can expect as you travel to the grandiose City of Rome and to determine the best time to fly to this place.

The Seven Hills Found in Rome

The city of Rome is hilly. In fact, it is made up of seven hills: Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquiliae, Palatium, Quirinalis and Virminalis. These hills were formerly named as the following respectively: Aventine Caelian;, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal.

When you go to Rome, you would see that among the seven hills, only the Capitoline remains distinct in the place. The rest of the hills were once noticeable; even Capitoline is not as distinct as before. Originally, the Quirinal, Esquiline, Caelian, and Viminal hills served as peninsulas of an early volcanic ridge. Meanwhile, the Palatine, Capitoline, and Aventine hills were hills parted from the others; but they were not part of the same early volcanic ridge. Before, it is said that there were marshy ravines located in between the entire hills including the Tiber River. However, because of the olden times the ravines are already succumbed by the remains of the past civilization this time.

Archeological evidence supports the claim saying there were actually walled cities on each of these hills before. Archeologists and historians also cited that they have found evidence of early antagonism between people dwelling on the Esquiline and Quirinal hills against those dwellers on the Palatine and Velian hills. It is for this reason why they claim that people before have chosen Romulus and Remus to be the leaders of the warring peoples dwelling on the Palatine and Aventine hills respectively.

Weather in Rome

Many Romans suggest that the best time to tour in Rome is from the middle of September to October. During this time, there is a little rain in the place and is a bit chilly too; but overall the temperatures turn out to be a lot better as compared to other months. On the other hand, no one suggests to tour in the place in November; although some says it is still a bit okay to tour here in the first half of November.

Summer is also claimed as not an ideal season to visit Rome since it is really scorching in the place during such time. The weather here in March is variable and only becomes stable in the month of April. Meanwhile, during the month of October, the temperature is really cold at night but is still tolerable as compare to some other months.