When you try to look at the various histories in the world, you cannot deny the fact that Rome history is one of the considered very interesting to note and at a certain degree very colorful and “cinematic”.

The wildly interesting history of Rome City has spanned for almost 3000 years.  The founding of the city of Rome is accounted to have existed in the 753rd BC of April 21.  The legendary name that was attributed to the great city of Italy was named after the great ruler, Romulus.  The ancient Rome had its origins and history from the roots of Romulus and Remus.

The city of Rome has evolved into so many histories that have been properly accounted for and they are the following:  the Legend of Rome which dates back to as early as the 8th century of the BC era; the Roman Republic and Empire Time which was the time when the new Republic of Rome came into existence (approximately 500 BC); the Medieval Rome which was largely dominated by the Barbarian and the Byzantine ruling; and the Modern Rome which was largely formed in the 15th century.

The history of the Modern Rome started when the ruler of Milan Duke Filippo Visconti signed a treaty of peace in 1433 with the ruler of Florence and Venice. It was not long after that Rome history was about to change.

It was exactly 14 years after the ruling of Visconti that the Renaissance period of Rome became evident part of the history of the city of Rome.  Under the reign of Nicholas V, he allowed the entrance of scholars and artists as part of the Roma court.  This move of Nicholas V became a march of celebration when a great arrival of pilgrims all over Europe came to Rome.

During the World War II, the city of Rome was one of the highly spared cities from war damages when every country in the world was suffering the inflicted pains and cuts of the war, Rome was one of the few cities which recovered very easy and fast.

The initial fall of Rome to the ally made it not badly stricken by the war as the German troops declared it as an open city.  The attempt to defend the city did not last long thus preventing any inflictions to be made to the city.

Today, the Rome history has never had a full twist.  The city of Rome is fully engaged in making the city as one of the finest cities in the whole Italy and the world.  The ruins and historical landmarks of Rome dating back the early BCs have been remarkably preserved to ensure that the great history of Rome is well manifested in the present time.

People who plan to travel the city of Rome will still enjoy the vast history that it has ranging from the ruins of early wars to the highly maintained infrastructure and architecture that were built.  But above all, people who travel to the city of Rome will have the experience to be welcomed by very sweet, fun loving, and warm people of Italy.