Early History

The history of Rome is considered to be one of the most accounted for histories that any historian can claim.  There are so many scriptures and documents that have been gathered and collected to prove and describe the colorful history of Rome.  Potentially, any traveler who wishes to learn more about the early history of Rome can obtain the information from anywhere because many historians are dearly fascinated about the story and the history of this city.

The early history of Rome has caused a lot of debates and discussion. Many early historians believe that the city of Rome was founded in 753 BC but this was contested by the modern historians who claim that documents and scriptures prove that the city of Rome was founded in the year 625 BC.  However, both the early and the modern historians agree that the city of Rome was first governed by the great Kings but only lasted for almost 10 years. Soon after these kings have vanished, the Romans continued the ruling.

During the rule of the Romans, there was a massive classification that was made on the descendants of Rome.  The people who lived in the city of Rome were classified based on the status that they represent in the society.

The slaves were the lowest ranking and the nobles of Rome belong to the high class society. The classification was an important aspect of the early history of Rome because this clearly showed how the first people of Rome valued organization and order.

With this kind of ruling that the nobles of Rome had, it made the city of Rome and its government not only very successful but lasting and enduring.  Early history tells us that this form of a government lasted for about 500 years.  This is indeed a considered remarkable part of the history of Rome.

Looking at the early history of Rome, one of the most famous personalities that it had produced was, of course, Julius Caesar, the great politician and general that ruled Rome and made Rome as one of the leading cities in the world.

Augustus on the hand became the first emperor of Rome who was responsible in the many additions of land territories that became part of the Roman Empire. As part of the early history of Rome, Romulus Augustus was the last emperor of Rome who was named and branded as the little Augustus. This was in honor of the great emperor Augustus.

The credits of the early history of Rome go to the famous people that made great contributions in the country.  The city of Rome is what it is right now because of the marks that it had attained brought about by the brave and intelligent actions of its rulers in the past and the present time.  The city of Rome is a place that people would love to see not only because of the great sceneries that it can offer but the rich and vast cultural heritage that it was able to maintain and preserve.