One of the considered most fascinating and progressive countries in the world is Rome.  Apart from that, not a lot of people know that Rome being the capital city of Italy is also the most populous among all the cities of Rome.

This is one of the Rome facts that undeniably is not so known to many.  Rome as a country has a very interesting history and a progressive perspective in the future as it has remained extravagant and flamboyant in character.

Rome used to be the largest city in the world during the time of the powerful Emperor Augustus – this is one remarkable Rome fact.  However, what play more appealing are the following facts about Rome:

The Architecture of Rome

The greatest and probably the only standing great architecture lies in the bosom of Rome from the Ancient Rome to Medieval all the way up to the Fascist and Modernist architectures.  When you visit Rome, you can get to witness with your two eyes the great structures that were built along with the different stories that connect these great pieces of work of art into what can be translated into the modern world.

The Music of Rome

Rome is considered one of the most romantic places there is the world.  And what best compliment romance?  It is music.  Rome is the host of one of the oldest center for music facilities which dates back to 1585.  This facility has been the house of great Roman musicians and artists.  Rome prides about the beautiful translation of feelings and emotions into the universal language which is music.

The Diverse Ethnicity of Rome

Rome is considered a country with diverse ethnic groups.  Rome is said to be largely dominated by its ethnic group, the Italians.  The dominant ethnic groups come from Poland and Romania.  Rome has also been the home for most Asians and Americans.

Things to Remember When Traveling to Rome

A lot of people who travel the world consider Rome as a perfect destination.  However, not a lot of foreign people understand what is with Rome and how to make a wonderful and exciting trip to Rome.  Below are some of the Rome facts that you should remember:

a.    The climate in Rome is generally Mediterranean similar to what is experienced in the California State of US and large parts of the Western and Southern Australia.  A Mediterranean climate is a climate which has summer which is basically hot and dry.  If you live in a very cold country like the Alaska, you can enjoy the summer time in Rome doing surf boarding and enjoying the sands in the beaches.  During the wet winter, you can enjoy relaxing in Rome with all the snow and cold breeze in the morning.
b.    The extensive transportation medium.  Rome is said to be very highly advanced in terms of transportation.  If you are planning to go from place to place, you can transport using the rail or buses.  There are also domestic airports that houses very warm and friendly people who can assist you with your travel.