Cosmopolitanism is a typical characteristic of Rome people.  You will not find it difficult to adjust to the culture and habit of the city residents.  They are very modern and enjoy the luxuries of the Eternal City.

Cultural tolerance is dominant in the city.  So no matter where you come from, the people of Rome will warmly welcome you in the city.

Customary Greetings of the People of Rome

The citizens of Rome are very showy with their emotions and feelings.  You can notice this in their habit of greeting acquaintances, friends, and even strangers.

If you are in Rome, you will be welcomed by warm hugs especially from friends.  Profuse hand shakes are also common when you meet someone for the first time.

Friendly Neighborhoods in the City

A typical neighborhood in Rome is not so different with other neighborhoods in other global cities.  The big difference is the citizens of Rome seem so oblivious of the presence of thousands of tourists in their streets.

You will instantly feel that they consider you as part of their life.  They go about their daily lives and greet you warmly when you pass by their houses.

Youthful People of Rome

If you want to feel young again, then you have to visit this magnificent city.  There are lots of young people in Rome.

If you want to experience the vibrancy of youth, go to the Spanish steps at night.  The Piazza di Spagna will be full of young artists, students, bohemians, and adventurers who are enjoying the nightlife of Rome.

Some are simply sitting at the Spanish Steps to watch other people pass by.  Rome people watching is a common past time of the young crowd at the Piazza di Spagna.  You can join them and enjoy the simple life of the young people of Rome.

No Language Barrier

Italian is the principal language of the people of Rome.  English is a second language and most citizens of the city can speak and understand it.

So you will never experience difficulties in communicating with the local Roman residents.  Everyone will be able to understand you and speak with you.

In most restaurants and shopping centers, the waiters and sales personnel are multi lingual.  In fact, it is not surprising to see a German tourist conversing with a local Italian in English.

It is best though to learn some basic Italian language.  A little knowledge of the local language will help you in some situations.

Rome People Love to Eat

The Italians are famous for their excellent culinary skills.  This is also true for the local Roman residents.  If you want to enjoy the traditional cooking of the Roman people, you have to visit the pubs and diners of the city.

Rome is one of the friendliest cities you can visit.  Local residents of the city are very friendly and are always ready to give you a warm welcome.  Indeed, Rome people are truly global and they know that their city is one of the centers of the world.