Explore Rome

Planning a holiday in Rome, Italy? If you’re sick and tired of the gloomy weather in your homeland and are excited to visit a warm, cozy, historic and romantic city – the Eternal City is your surest bet. As the seat of ancient Roman culture, Rome houses some of the most well-known painting, architecture, and sculpture on earth. It has many attractions on offer so you need to have a well-planned vacation. As in any holiday to any city, planning is key to a fun and memorable Rome adventure.

As the political and spiritual center of Catholicism, Rome has more than 20 international relief and it is a popular destination for many Christian pilgrims. It is also a destination that will keep visitors entertained and busy at all times. If you’re interested in art, history, religion, and music, Rome is your best bet as no any other city in the world offers more.

Knowing when to go and how to get around well ahead of time will definitely work to your advantage. Rome is more often than not agreeable all year-round for all travelers. If you want to avoid the annoying crowd of tourists, then going there during the high tourist season may not be a very good idea. You may also want to avoid this season as low-cost accommodations are almost impossible to find and airfare rates will cost you a fortune.

Rome has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation: friendly people, centuries-old history, fascinating culture, magnificent ancient architecture, delectable delicacies, serious shopping scene, fun-filled activities, and a lot of must-see attractions. But travelling to the Eternal City is not at all that easy. Before you head to Rome, we suggest you to contact hotels and restaurants. Do your homework will save you from any trouble.

The Planning Your Trip section gives you information that you need to know when coming up with a travel plan for your holiday in Rome: when to go, how to get there, getting around the city, finding the accommodation that suits your taste and budget, obtaining an Italy visa, and how to stay safe in the city.