Bed and Breakfast

It is very easy to find a Rome bed and breakfast accommodation.  The entire city is replete with cozy and comfortable mini apartments and rooms.  You can surely enjoy a relaxing night in these rooms after a day’s tour of the city.

Your choice of bread and breakfast accommodation primarily depends on your budget, length of stay in the city, and your itinerary.  You have to consider these things so you can choose wisely where you can stay in Rome.

Prices of Rome Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast in Rome can start from as low as 30 Euros.  However, you can easily find a bread and breakfast dormitory and hostel anywhere in the city that charges below 30 Euros per person.

These cheap accommodations are best if you are on a backpacker’s trip.  You will be provided with all the amenities of a regular home as well as a simple breakfast.  You will have to share quarters with other travelers.

If you want a room for your self with comfortable bed and private baths, then the bed and breakfast price range would be between 30 and 50 Euros. Bed and breakfast accommodations with hotel-like ambiance would be more expensive.  Prices would range from 100 Euros to 250 Euros.

Booking and Length of Stay

Bed and breakfast is best if you are just planning a short visit to Rome.   The minimum stay in most bed and breakfast in Rome is 2 days. There are also bed and breakfast facilities in the city where you can stay for longer periods.  In fact, some allow their guests to stay for months especially during holidays and peak season.

Some bed and breakfast will require you to book a room in advance.  You can also easily access most Rome bed and breakfast through the Internet.  Again, it is really not difficult to find an available bed and breakfast even if you do not have a reservation.  During peak season however, you have to ensure a booking to get the best accommodation in the city.

Where to Stay in Rome

If you are planning a walking tour of the city, it is best if you can stay at bed and breakfast near the historic center.  This means finding a place around the area of the Piazza Spagna, Trevi, and Navona.

It is also good if you can find a bed and breakfast near the Termini Station. When in Rome, you will certainly take frequent trips by train or bus to move around.  Besides, bed and breakfast at the Termini area would be a bit cheaper.

If you want a quiet place to stay at night, then the bed and breakfast around the cozy neighborhood of Rome would be best.  The Trastevere District would be a perfect place.  You can enjoy a stay in the guest rooms of local Roman citizens in this neighborhood.  The district is also very near to all the major historic places of Rome.

When you visit Rome, you will not have a problem finding a suitable place to sleep.  Rome bed and breakfast are known for their excellent accommodations and reasonable prices.

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