Hostels in Rome are a backpacker’s paradise.  If you are on a budget trip, a Rome hostel could provide you with affordable but excellent accommodation.

Rome is literally dotted with hundreds of hostels, bed and breakfast, and of course posh hotels.  So when in Rome, you will not find it difficult to find an accommodation.  All you have to do is to look for a hostel suitable for your budget and taste.

Different Types of Hostels in Rome

You can find different types of hostels in Rome.  There are hostels ideal for group travelers because of their spacious rooms.  If you are traveling with your buddies, such hostel would be ideal.

If you are traveling solo, you might want to stay at a hostel with en-suite rooms.  These are single bed rooms with private toilet and bath.  Of course you would have to pay extra for an en-suite room but it is a good choice if you want more privacy.

If you love to party, you might want to stay at a Rome hostel that hosts community parties every night.  Most party-goers hostels are located within downtown Rome.  You will surely have a great time sightseeing by day and partying at night.

If you want a relaxing night under a Roman sky, you should stay in hostels located at the outskirts of the city.  There are few hostels in Rome with a camper’s theme.  Such hostels would allow you to set up a tent outside.

Amenities of a Roman Hostel

A typical Roman hostel has modern facilities.  In fact, some of the best hostels in Rome can provide you with amenities typically found in regular hotels.

Here are some of the most common amenities you can find in a Roman hostel:

1.  Internet access.  Almost all hostels in Rome provide reliable Internet access.  You can also find some that offer the service for free.

2.  Laundry services.  This is also a common feature of some hostels in Rome.  Such facilities would be very useful if you are staying in Rome for several weeks.  You can do your own laundry so you can cut your travel expenses.

3.  On-site entertainment.  Some hostels have their own disco house, billiards and pool tables, TV rooms, and other entertainment facilities.

How to Choose Hostels in Rome

Your choice of hostels depends on your budget, preference and travel plans.  If you are in Rome to see ancient architectures, museums, and fabulous buildings, the location of the hostel would be important.

It is best to stay at a hostel near the Termini so you can easily access the public transport system of Rome.  You should also choose hostels located within the city center near the ancient ruins of Rome.  Accommodations might be a bit expensive in such hostels but you will get the benefit of being near to almost all tourist locations in Rome.

You will never lack for accommodations while in Rome.  There is surely a hostel in the city that will be suitable for your budget and preference.  You will surely have a comfortable stay because a typical Rome hostel is very modern now with lots of amenities.

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