Cheap Rome Hotels

Rome is one of the most beautiful places to visit. From the Coliseum to the quaint shops and cafes within the city, there is plenty to see and do. When taking a trip to this lovely Italian city, you will enjoy it immensely if you can find a great hotel to stay at. Here are a few of the best recommendations for Rome’s cheap hotels.

Hotel delle Muse: Located in the beautiful, lush green area known as Parioli, guests can enjoy this cheap hotel with unrestricted vehicle access and regulation. The hotel has been recently renovated, providing guests with fresh new accommodations. The hotel includes an Italian restaurant that serves amazing traditional Italian dishes, as well as a trendy bar and lounge for guests to relax and sip the local wines. The city centre is minutes away.

Eurostars International Palace: Sitting in the very heart of Rome, this gorgeous luxury hotel is reasonably priced. It is located within Via Nazionale, a renovated 19th century building that has been turned into a true tourist treasure. It is a hotspot for checking out local shopping opportunities and theatrical productions. The entire hotel is designed in the classical Renaissance style. It is close to the Plaze della Repubblica as well as many artistic treasures like Fontana di Trevi.

La Rotella nel Sacco: This hotel was built in the heart of the historic centre of Rome, near the archaeological site of Piazza di Porta Maggiore. To all the tourists who enter this hotel, they will be able to experience the magic of Rome by residing right in the heart of its historic centre in fresh, comfortable rooms.

Hotel Priscilla: Hotel Priscilla was built during the 19th century, but has been renovated to fit modern standards and conveniences. The hotel is the perfect gateway to the Eternal City, providing guests with gorgeous accommodations and a close proximity with many main tourist attractions like La Dolce Vita, Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

Hotel Roma Tiburtina: This three star hotel is located near the main city centre, but far enough away to give guests seclusion and a connection to the main industrial and commercial aspects of the city. It is just a few minutes away from the Pante Mammolo Rebibbia, as well as access to public transportation, including the local subway.

Rome is a beautiful place to visit, especially if you accentuate your journey with a great budget hotel!