Learn Italian

Just as it is when visiting a foreign country, the people in Rome would appreciate it if you would at least try to learn their lovely language which is Italian.

The good thing about visiting Rome or any part of Italy, for that matter – is that when they see that you are having a hard time communicating, they will try to reach out to you the best way that they can!

Also, there should be a lot of Italians who are fluent in English, especially on the main tourist spots in Rome.

Why Learn Italian?

Even if you are not set out to visit Italy in the near future, remember that Italian is a lovely language to learn.  As long as you start with the basics, your future trip to Rome will definitely be more memorable if you will learn how to speak Italian.

Now, here are a few tips that will help you break the language barrier if you are an English-speaking tourist in a non-English speaking country like Italy:

1. Always carry a phrase book with you.
2. Prior to visiting Rome, make sure to check out the websites which offer a translation of some of the most common phrases that you need to get by in Italy – and study them.
3. You can even visit websites which allow people of different languages to help each other out.  When you find an online friend and you find the time to visit Italy, you just might have someone who is willing to teach the language to you.

Learn Italian: A Crash Course on the Most Useful Phrases when Visiting Rome

So what are the most common Italian phrases that you need to learn?  Take a look at the following Italian phrases, and their English translation:

Arrivederci! – Goodbye
Buon giorno – Good day or good morning.
Buono sera – Good evening.
Ciao! – Hello or goodbye.
Come si dice in Italiano? – How do you say (phrase) in Italian?
Che cosa ha detto? – What did you say?
Come stai? – How are you?
Grazie – Thank you.
Ho capisco – I understand.
Non parlo Italiano – I don’t speak Italian.
Mi chiamo – My name is…
Non parlo Italiano – I don’t speak Italian.
Non so – I don’t know.
Parli Inglese? – Do you speak English?
Per favore – Please.
Puo aiutarmi? – Can you help me?
Prego – You are welcome.
Scusa – Excuse me.
Sto bene – I’m fine.
Sono di – I am from..
Va bene. Okay.

Did you know that there are almost 60 million native speakers in Italian?  This means that from Rome to the Vatican City to San Marino to the tiniest, quaintest little towns in Italy, the native tongue is still the ruling language – so it would really help if you will learn at least the basics of Italian.

Aside from visiting the Eternal City which is Rome, part of the unforgettable experiences that you will have on your trip is when you learn the Italian language – so clear up your schedule at work and plan a vacation to the city soon!