Day Trips

Italians who have spent most of their life in Rome agree that even one lifetime is not enough to explore the many nooks and crannies which make the Eternal City unique.

So if you’re a tourist who is out for a five-day or a week-long tour of Rome, how can you get to discover the many wonders that this delightful city has to offer?

The trick is to first squeeze into your itinerary as many of the typical tourist spots as you can during the first few days of your stay in Rome. For the latter part of your stay, make sure to include one of the many Rome day trips that you can take advantage of – it’s one experience that you are not likely to forget!

Practical Tips when Going on Rome Day Trips

Remember that day trips are not usually part of the travel itinerary for first-time travelers to Rome. However, if there is a particular spot in the Eternal City that you would like to visit, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

Would you like to spend an entire day lounging and people-watching at a beautiful, sandy white Italian beach?  Or are you the artsy type who would like to explore every imaginable monument or museum in Rome?

No matter which of these places you would like to explore, a day trip is the best way to go about it.  If you wish to go immediately to your day trip destination right after arriving at the Rome airport, arranging for a car service to meet you after your flight may be convenient – it’s about the same price as hiring a taxi.

Rome Day Trips: A Myriad of Places to Discover

It may be too lengthy to list down all of the great places in Rome which you can discover on a day trip – but it’s definitely worth the effort. Here are a few worth mentioning:

1. Villa D’Este and Villa Adriana
If you’re the romantic type, you can visit these two historical villas with romantic fountains and a rich sense of history.  Merely an hour away from Rome, it’s a great way to discover Rome and Italy off-the-beaten track.

2. Capri
About a couple of hours away from Rome is Capri, a must-visit for any tourist! This is where you can go on a journey by crossing the picturesque Roman countryside to exploring medieval villages.

3. Frascati
All the wine lovers out there will have a blast going on a day trip to Frascati.  It’s the only wine tasting tour from Rome where you can get to visit some of the oldest vineyards in Frascati.

4. Florence
Another must-see for Rome visitors is Florence, which is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance period.

5. Tarquinia
Want to explore some of the ‘creepier’ parts of Italy?  Then you can go on a day trip to Tarquinia, home to some of the most spectacular tombs this part of the world.  Paintings and a couple of terra cotta winged horses are other parts of the tour.

Other Rome Day Trip Destinations

If you would like to lounge by the beach, day trips to Anxio, Gaeta and Sperlonga are recommended.  Those who want to explore Roman gardens can visit Ninfa which is merely half an hour away from Rome, as well as Tivoli.

In addition, there are Roman archaeological sites that you can explore at Ostia Antia, Via Appia and Pompeii.  Etruscan sites are at Cerveteri, Tarquinia and Viterbo.

As you can see, there are plenty of pleasures to be had and sight just waiting to bbe discovered – just a short drive away from the Eternal City. Now you know why there’s this saying that all roads lead to Rome.