Week Stay

If you are planning to visit Europe, you would surely know that Rome is one of those must-see places because of its historical and cultural richness. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world with millions of tourists worldwide visiting and admiring the various Roman architecture and art.

A week in Rome can be exciting but it is better to know more about Rome and read about it especially for first time visitors like you. Rome can best be appreciated if you have at least some ideas about it.

Planning Your Week in Rome

Rome is a huge tourist city and it can become stressful if you don’t make plans for your visit. You must avoid visiting Rome at its hottest weather, which is August. The heat can be so unbearable and walking around the Vatican can become an unmemorable experience.

It is better to visit Rome during the months of April, May and late September. Further, travelling in early autumn can be quite optimal because airfares are less expensive. There is also no more stress of too many tourists; the days are still warm although the nights might be cooler.

A week stay in Rome is ideal to visit the major tourist attractions in Rome. You have enough time to enjoy the sights, sit in restaurants for some local food and even do some shopping.

Sleeping Arrangements

If you are travelling in style, then staying in a hotel in the heart of the city is recommended. This is because you can just walk out of the hotel and you are already there in the tourist spots. However, if you are travelling in a budget, you can always stay in cheaper hostels or apartments. You can check online for hotel prices and compare the offers.

Where to Eat in Rome

It is said that a tourist can never go hungry in Rome because there are so many places to eat. There are the more expensive restaurants that offer local cuisine, but there are also bistros and street shops that offer less pricey food. If you visit the Spanish Steps, you will see so many restaurants and cafes offering pizza, coffee, pasta and others.

There is also no problem with language because Italian waiters speak English well. If you want to save more in your week in Rome, you can always buy bread, cheese and drinks from supermarkets for your breakfast and only eat in restaurants for your major meals.

Exploring Rome

Rome has many attractions to offer. All you need to do is have a map of the Rome and a mineral water in your backpack and you are set to conquer Rome. You can visit the Spanish Steps, the Vatican, and ancient Rome such as the Collosseum and Roman Forum.
A week in Rome is the best vacation when it is savoured slowly. Having a plan before flying is the best thing that you can do to avoid stress and have that dream week in Rome.