Those who want to soak in the sights, sounds, smells and a bit of the local culture in Rome have a lot of sightseeing tours to choose from. If it is your first time in this gorgeous, romantic city, it is not advisable to tour Rome by driving a rental car.

Instead, you can take your pick from the many Rome sightseeing tours available in the “Eternal City”.

Travelers’ Advice:  Different Sightseeing Tours in Rome to Choose from

Whether it is your first time or nth time to visit the city – Rome has a lot of layers that you can peel away, one delicious treat after another.

So what are the types of sightseeing tours in Rome that you can choose from? Take a look at the following list to find out:

1.    Private Tours of Rome

Want to see the city of Rome illuminated at night?  You can definitely do so by booking for a private tour of the city.  There’s no need for you to suffer through long lines or fall for tourist traps which are laid out through the entire city.

With a private tour, you and a group of other tourists will get to enjoy a private tour of Rome.  Some of the highlights include touring the part of the city which is known as Ancient Rome.

Whether you liked the movie “The Da Vinci Code” or not, you will definitely be amazed at the Da Vinci Code tour which is led by a private tour guide. Catholic or not, you will most certainly appreciate a tour of the papal enclave.

History buffs will have a blast visiting Nero’s Golden House, Subterranean Rome, Bernini’s Rome and other sights worth seeing in this living, breathing museum that is Rome.

Finally, there’s another part of Rome sightseeing tours wherein you can browse through the myriad of selections in one of Rome’s famous flea markets.  When it comes to private tours like these, the possibilities of the sights that you can explore are practically endless!

2.    Walking Tours of Rome

Rome is definitely a fun city to explore, even by foot. With a walking tour of Rome – you can also have a guided tour as you go through different tourist-y activities.  This includes enjoying Rome by night, joining guided tours of Rome, trekking through the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere area, or indulging in food and wine tasting tours.

3.    Enjoying Rome through Bus Tours

Another infamous way to enjoy a tour in Rome is by getting on an open bus, where you can enjoy the feel of that distinctive Italian breeze while having an unrestricted view of the city.

4.    Planning a Trip to Rome, then Soaking in the Sights for Free!

Finally, what better way is there to explore a famous, romantic and charming city than by exploring everything by yourself – without having to follow a set schedule or going through a guided tour? When you plan a trip to Rome, you definitely have the freedom to explore the city and soak in the sights at your own pace and your own time.

Take your pick from these unique ways to explore and discover the area through Rome sightseeing tours – and you’ll definitely have a memory of the city like you will never forget!