Are you planning to travel to Rome but afraid to do so because you don’t know how to manage your transportation? Well, the search is over because you can have many transportation options to roam Rome.

Taking the Metro Rome is the easiest compared to taxis or buses. This is an underground public subway transportation system in Rome. You might hear the locals there call it Metropolitana di Roma, or simply, Metropolitana.

Taking the Metro Rome is advantageous because:

– it is the earliest form of Rome’s public transportation;
– it is safer compared with other transportation methods; and
– its routes are easier to remember.

Metro Rome has two lines: Line A, also called the Red Line, and the Line B, also called as the Blue Line.

These are the stations in the Line A or Red Line:

•    Valle Aurelia
•    Cipro/Musei Vaticani
•    Ottaviano
•    Lepanto (COTRAL)
•    Flaminio
•    Spagna
•    Barberini
•    Repubblica
•    Termini
•    Vittorio
•    Manzoni
•    San Giovanni
•    Re di Roma
•    Ponte Lungo
•    Furio Camillo
•    Colli Albani
•    Arco di Travertino
•    Porto Furba
•    Numidio Quadrato
•    Lucio Sestio
•    Giulio Agricola
•    Subaugusta
•    Cinnecita
•    Anagnina (COTRAL)

Only the Valle Aurelia and Cipro-Musei stations in Line A have facilities for handicapped. But instead of taking the subway, you can have the bus 590. This runs on the same route as the Line A but it has access for wheelchair.

Meanwhile, here are the stations in Line B or Red Line:

•    Laurentina
•    Eur Fermi (COTRAL)
•    Eur Palasport
•    Magliana (Ostia Antica)
•    San Paolo
•    Garbatella
•    Piramide
•    Circo Massimo
•    Colosseo
•    Cavour
•    Termini
•    Castro Pretorio
•    Policlinico
•    Bologna
•    Tiburtina (COTRAL)
•    M. Tiburtini
•    Pietralata
•    S. M. de Soccorso
•    Ponte Mammolo
•    Rebibbia (COTRAL)

Almost all of the Line B stations have wheelchair access. Only the Colosseo, Cavour, and Circo Massimo have no handicapped facilities.

The trains run around seven to 10 minutes. You can get in them as early as 5:30am to 11:30pm everyday, or until 12:30am every Saturday.

Don’t get frustrated when you see some historical buildings while you are in the train. Riding in the Metro Rome is said to be similar to travelling the entire city of Rome in few minutes. You can still see some of the famous tourist spots in Rome by taking the Metro Rome.

See the Spanish Steps through the Line A Spagna station. Take a look at the Vatican Museums through the Line A Cipro/Musei Vaticani station. You can even visit the Pope’s place, the St. Peter’s Basilica, through Line A Ottaviano station.

If not, you can imagine the gladiators’ battle in Colosseum through the Line B Colosseo station. Appian Way and Catacombs can be reached through taking Line A Colli Albani station and have a ride in bus 660. Taking the Line B Circo Massimo will take you to Circus Maximus, Aventine Hill, and Baths of Caracalla.

Taking Metro Rome is really advantageous but it can get very crowded at times too. Also, Rome is a safe city but there are pickpockets there too. Protect yourself and secure your money, documents, or other valuables when riding the Metro Rome.

Meanwhile, the tickets for the Metro Rome can be purchased from bars, vending machines, or tabacchis. Drivers do not sell tickets. You also need to validate your Metro Rome ticket before you board in the train.

So don’t hesitate to travel to Rome! You can have all you need without experiencing difficulty or shame. Just keep in mind all the things you have learned here and you can surely have a fun, compact, and hassle-free travel to the once Rome Empire.