Travel to Rome

Travel to Rome is not difficult.  In fact, you can get into the Eternal City by air, land and railways.

If you come from a non-European country, the fastest and easiest way to get to Rome is through air travel.  On the other hand, if you are in Europe already, then the most enjoyable route would be by train or bus.

Travel to Rome by Air

There are many international flights servicing Rome.  However, you will still have to book a flight earlier especially during peak vacation season.

You can enter Rome through its two major airports.  One is through the Leonardo da Vinci Airport and the other is through Ciampino Airport.

1. Leonardo da Vinci Airport

Most international airlines land at the Leonardo da Vinci airport.  If you travel to Rome, it is best to take an airline that will land here.  That is because you will have easier access to Rome’s railways systems from the Leonardo da Vinci.

When you arrive at Leonardo da Vinci, you should take the Leonardo Express Train to go to downtown Rome.  This train will take you to Rome’s central railways station: the Stazione Termini.  From there, you can start exploring the city using its bus and train lines.

If you arrived at the airport at night, there is a night bus that will take you to the Tiburtina rail station.  From this station you can easily go to downtown Rome.

2.  Ciampino Airport

Most budget flights arrive at Ciampino.  Getting to Rome by way of Ciampino airport would be a little harder though.  That is because this airport is not connected to any of Rome’s railway system.

However, you can take two bus coaches servicing the Ciampino to Rome route.  The buses will stop at Termini Station.

Travel to Rome by Train

You can get to Rome by way of train.  There are regular trips coming from several key European cities to Rome.  The Termini and Tiburtina stations service these international rail routes.

If you want to have a faster train ride, you can take the Eurostar Train.  This train services the line connecting Rome to Paris, Munich, and Vienna.

You can also take the InterCity Plus train if you are coming from other Italian cities.  This line will have a final stop at the Termini.

International train travel to Rome can be very enjoyable if you don’t mind long hours of travel.  You can enjoy the rustic view of European countryside if you travel to Rome via train services.

Bus Travel

You can also take a long distance bus trip from other European cities to Rome.  There are also bus lines from other Italian cities to Rome.  These buses will stop at Tiburtina Station.  From there, you can easily take a cab or another bus going to downtown Rome.

There are many options available for you if you want to get to Rome.  Air travel would be your most convenient option.  But if you like to see other European places before getting to Rome, train and bus rides would be your best travel option.