You should always avoid catching a flight to Rome as a chance passenger.  The chance of not getting a seat would be great even on regular days.  Rome flights are pretty much congested at all times because the city attracts so many visitors around the world.

If you are traveling in spring and fall season, it would be best if you can book a flight in advance.  These are peak seasons and hordes of travelers are converging at the Eternal City.

Flight travels in mid summer or winter would be a bit easier for you.  However, some Roman travel sites and establishments could have shorter business hours during these times.

Choosing Between Leonardo and Ciampino

If you are booking a flight to Rome, it is best if you can determine where the plane would land.  There are two major airports in Rome and you might want to choose a flight that will arrive at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.

At Leonardo da Vinci airport, you will be able to take advantage of Rome’s railways system.  You can have a more convenient trip through this airport.

It is also advisable to travel light during your flight to Rome.  If you have large luggage, you might find it difficult to ride the trains of Rome.  You will be forced to take a cab which will usually cost 40 Euros for a day trip to the city.

In case your Rome flight is scheduled to arrive at the Ciampino Airport, you should be prepared to take a bus ride to Rome.  This would be a 45 minute trip.  The buses however are excellent with good air-conditioning and piped in music.

Choosing Direct or Break Flights to Rome

You can always take a direct international flight to Rome.  There are many big airline companies that can provide several direct flights from other cities in Europe and North America.  This would be faster and convenient but would be more expensive also.

If you are on a budget trip, then you need to make a stop over at London.  From there, you will be able to book a connecting flight to Rome from several budget airlines.  London is famous for its budget flights to Rome.

This is more economical but you will need to deplane and take another flight again.  There are also several budget flights coming from other Central European cities.  You can always take advantage of these budget flights to save more from air travel.

Booking a Flight in August

You should also take advantage of Rome flights in August.  This is the leanest month for Rome air travel so you will be able to easily catch a plane during this time.  Most airline companies will also give discounts during the month of August.

However, if you arrive at Rome during the month of August, you may find lots of closed hotels and restaurants.  But if you are after the sights and the historical ambiance of Rome, then this lean period would not be a problem at all.  The important thing is you were able to get to Rome and you paid considerably lower air fare.