Rome trains are known for their modern designs and efficiency.  You can literally take a tour across this majestic city using its railways alone.

Stazione Termini:  The Gateway to Rome

When in Rome, you shouldn’t miss the Termini Station.  This is the heart of Rome’s railways system.  You will be able to catch a train ride at Termini to go to any destination within and outside the city.

You will be able to find important public facilities at Termini.  These will include the following:

1.  A city Police station
2. Travelers and tourists information center
3. Internet access
4. Hotel booking and reservation hub
5. Licensed foreign exchange services
6. Banking services and ATM machines
7. Travel agencies, ticketing offices, bars and restaurants

Indeed, the Termini Station will be able to serve all your travel needs with its efficient services and facilities.

Leonardo Express: Taking You to Rome’s Airport in No Time

You can take a non-stop and fast ride to Rome’s Fiumicino Airport through the Leonardo Express.  Its principal point of origin is the Termini Station.

You will be able to catch a ride at the Leonardo Express from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm.  You’ll get to the airport in less than 35 minutes.  A Leonardo will always be available for you every 30 minutes.

The Metro:  Snaking Through Rome’s Underground Railways

You can find Rome’s two underground railways below the Termini Station.  This is the turf of Rome’s Metro trains.

You will be able to reach the famous Colosseum and Spanish Steps by riding the Metro.  There is also a Metro station which is just 5 minutes walk to the Vatican.

The Metro is open everyday and you can catch a ride from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm.  Trains arrive every 5 to 10 minutes so you will not wait too long to get to your destination.

The Regional Trains: Taking You to Rome’s Rustic Suburbs

If you want to see suburban Rome, then you shouldn’t miss a ride on its so called Ferrovia Regionale or Regional Rome Trains.

The most famous of these trains is the Ostia.  You will be able to get to the ancient Roman port of Ostia Antica through the Ostia line.  You can also easily return to the city by taking off at the Piramide Metro station which interconnects with the Ostia line.

The Pantano train is also a sight to behold.  If you hop aboard the Pantano, you will get a feeling that you are riding on an old-fashioned tram.  There are two Pantano trains which services the Rome to Pantano route.

The Viterbo train on the other hand will take you to the most astonishing sight in Rome’s suburb.  While on the train, you will be able to see Rome’s hilly places.  You will catch Rome’s windy countryside when riding the Viterbo.

The Double Decker train would be your principal mode of travel to and from Rome’s suburbs.  You can experience pleasant country rail travel on it because the coaches will be half full most of the time.

You will not lose your way in Rome because of its excellent railways systems.  When traveling in Rome, you should never miss the beauty and convenience of Rome trains.